"I love Pam's classes. They both challenge and calm me - each time I leave I feel I've created a little bit of space in my life.They're much more intimate than the usual studio based class, but in no way intimidating. Pam is grounded and her classes incredibly nurturing, with just the right balance of inspiring flow postures, pranayama breathing exercises, and relaxation - her yoga nidra will completely take you to another place"

Kate Ruddick

Psychiatric Nurse

"I so look forward to my weekly yoga classes in the park with you - you have a wonderful loving, gentle and authentic teaching style. This combined with being so close to nature is so uplifting and energizing for me emotionally, physically and mentally. Bring on more sunny saturdays!"

Rebecca Amos

Marketing director & Reflexologist

"I really want to tell you how much I have enjoyed your yoga classes. You create a warm, welcoming, safe atmosphere which makes everyone feel very comfortable and able to relax easily. What I particularly like is that you maintain a pace that is very well judged, keeping the flow from one asana to another, fluid but with plenty of rest and reflection moments in between so that each person can really observe the effect each asana gives.

You do everything with such good humour and such an engaging way that everyone feels involved and knows that you will come and help them if they need individual attention.

After every session with you I have experienced a sense of peace and wellbeing, and have woken up the following day with lots of energy and a positive outlook."

Carey English

Director Quicksilver theatre, London