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"My initial consultation with Pam was to consider a few recurring aspects related to digestion, bloating, painful wind and to boost my circulation.

I was aware of the numerous health benefits Ayurveda can offer from a few trips to India and since, I have remained ever curious having never tried anything for a sustained period of time, so I thought I would try.

Pam was gentle, curious, warm and very intuitive which made me feel very comfortable and safe. Pam took the time to explain things in enough detail and was always on hand to answer questions which I really appreciated, especially at the beginning.

The treatment required an adjustment to my diet and taking herbs prescribed by Pam on a daily basis. Things changed for me quite quickly, and in a matter of weeks my sense of taste felt rebalanced, my bloating was much better and no painful wind. Things continued this way over time and I felt a sustained shift in my energy. The whole experience was really enjoyable, I felt it met my spiritual goals as well given Pam encouraged me to listen deeply to how my body felt with the herbs. I would truly recommend Pam to anyone looking to improve or understand more about their whole health. Thank you Pam".  Gareth Prosser

I came to see Pam knowing only a little about Ayurveda. I wanted to try something different to help my health issues as I had become fed up with taking daily medication that didn't work very well and were causing side effects. Pam immediately put me at ease with her calm and patient manner. Her approach was holistic as she took time to thoroughly understand what my health issues were and how it affected my daily life. She recommended food I would benefit from eating, herbs I should try and gave advice on which exercise best suited my specific constitution. After making some shifts in my diet and being mindful of how I exercised, rested and slept I began to feel better, much better. Within three weeks I had stopped taking my medication for acid reflux. I had more energy and felt calmer. Pam was very encouraging and supportive as I made my dietary changes and I felt that I was actively working to make a big difference to my health, which felt very empowering. Five months later I am still not taking any medication and there has also been a marked improvement in my PMS and complexion. The whole process has been one of self discovery as I have learnt how to tune in and listen to my body. I am going to continue to see Pam and I will be recommending friends and family who have any health issues to see her too.

Cath Hughes

"Recently I received some guidance and advice through Pam’s ayurvedic consultations. I had three sessions with Pam and really appreciated her kind attention and practical empathetic approach. Through Pam’s encouragement I’m still taking regular morning herbs and feeling the benefits. Thanks Pam. I am definitely feeling more energised and less anxious since taking the herbs and adjusting my diet." Rachel King

"I went to see Pam with several  health issues; headaches, heartburn, arthritis pain, tiredness and my anxiety and stress levels were quite high too.

After a thorough consultation I was issued with some herbs and a list of foods to try and some to avoid. What I was really struck by was Pam’s inclusive, non-judgmental manner. I left feeling positive and enthused about making quite significant changes to my diet, without any feelings of shame or guilt. That really has been a significant element of the treatment from Pam, if I hadn’t felt so supported and wholeheartedly accepted I'm not sure I could have done it.

The headaches have completely gone, I've got my energy back and the other symptoms have really reduced. Just after two weeks my children commented on how much calmer I was. I was a little sceptical about how the arthritis in my foot could be helped with Ayurveda, but I can now walk further with less pain. Overall I feel much better and more in control. It’s amazing to have food that really does make you feel calmer!"  Sarah

"I love Pam's classes. They both challenge and calm me - each time I leave I feel I've created a little bit of space in my life. They're much more intimate than the usual studio based class, but in no way intimidating. Pam is grounded and her classes incredibly nurturing, with just the right balance of inspiring flow postures, pranayama breathing exercises, and relaxation - her yoga nidra will completely take you to another place".  

Kate Ruddick

"I so look forward to my weekly yoga classes in the park with you - you have a wonderful loving, gentle and authentic teaching style. This combined with being so close to nature is so uplifting and energizing for me emotionally, physically and mentally. Bring on more sunny saturdays!"  

Rebecca Amos

"I really want to tell you how much I have enjoyed your yoga classes. You create a warm, welcoming, safe atmosphere which makes everyone feel very comfortable and able to relax easily. What I particularly like is that you maintain a pace that is very well judged, keeping the flow from one asana to another, fluid but with plenty of rest and reflection moments in between so that each person can really observe the effect each asana gives.

You do everything with such good humour and such an engaging way that everyone feels involved and knows that you will come and help them if they need individual attention.

After every session with you I have experienced a sense of peace and wellbeing, and have woken up the following day with lots of energy and a positive outlook."

Carey English

"I genuinely think I've found my class - I really love your style and energy too.  Plus the outdoors just sings to my soul.  Thank you for wandering into my world."

Kate, Yoga in the Park