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Saturdays & Sundays 9.15am

Victoria Park, East London

1 hour class

Ancient breathing + pranic flow techniques, gentle yoga, meditation + yoga nidra

I love to incorporate my professional knowledge of Ayurveda into my classes.  I teach intuitively, working with the energy of the class so no class is ever the same.

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Book using the system below for a wonderful outdoor practice in a beautiful setting - suitable for all levels, everybody is welcome. 


A secluded spot in the park, away from the main thoroughfares and with the option of having shade from the trees.  We practice on the West Side of the park, Here's the MAP


Yoga in the Park is TEN!


I'm an established yoga teacher and created Yoga in the Park was created  13 years ago by established local yoga teacher Pam Stacey.   She has been teaching in Hackney, all over London, India & Bali for almost 2 decades.

"Nature inspires focussed awareness, deep breathing and connection.  It brings a beautiful stillness, providing us a precious space fo​r observing our true selves, allowing us to simply be...which is the absolute aim of yoga! "  Pam xx


Most of us are familiar with Zoom by now, but here are a few tips in case you need them:

Video on or off (you can choose to stay anonymous by having your video / audio switched off)

Speaker on or off (when we start the class you will be 'muted' so the only the teacher can be heard..)

Viewing - Gallery view is when you get to see everyone in the meeting but you will be asked to ‘pin’ the teacher so that the teacher is the main image on the screen.

These are £10 per class.  Prior to class, pay online below and you will then be sent the Zoom link to access the class.  Zoom links will be sent within 20 minutes of purchase (bear in mind when buying close to start time). 

Hope to see you on the mat!


Intuitively led teaching provides students with an accessable and all inclusive class. ALL are welcome!   These classes are best described as hatha flow -  no class is the same and I work with the seasons using my knowledge of Ayurveda to cultivate a balanced approach to the practice.  On warmer days I will lead a deeply transformative relaxation practice (my passion!) - Yoga Nidra.

Bring a mat or towel/blanket

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